Easy Sign Bender

The Easy Sign Bender automatically produces the edges and strips of your letters from a variety of materials such as brushed or mirrored stainless steel, brass, aluminium, mild steel and even copper.
Its fully automated system bends and cuts the following materials
- Flat strips from 25 to 120 mm high and from 0.8 to 1.2 mm thick.
-All profiles in all sizes:
     - Letterbox
     - Letterform
     - Profil Bar

The Bender range of machines is controlled by a PC type computer system (Windows 10) through CAD software. This software allows the calibration of the machine, the import and retouching of DXF, pdf or illustrator files as well as the production of your projects. In particular, it allows the calculation and programming of the 'offset' function (variation of the length of the letter outline according to its box or relief type) to produce, from the same line, the body, the bottom and the face of a letter, but also to ensure the marking of lines (with the help of the disc machine) without folding.

The entire range is guaranteed for 1 year (parts), and you also benefit from telephone assistance as well as remote assistance (TeamViewer + webcam) provided you have an internet connection.

Our machine technicians travel throughout Europe to guarantee quality assistance. 


Easy SIgn Bender
  • All Domino Sign profiles
  • Flat Strips up to 120 mm

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