Channel Bender Machines

Domino Sign's Channel Bender machines are fully automated devices that easily create the edges of letters and logos for your signs using various materials, thicknesses, and variable heights.

Developed specifically for sign makers, they make it easy and quick to fold and cut materials of different heights, thicknesses, and properties depending on the machine model.

The Channel Bender machine range is controlled by PC-based software (Windows 10) through CAD software. This software allows for machine calibration, import, and editing of DXF, PDF, or Illustrator files, as well as production of your projects. It can calculate and program the 'offset' function (varying the length of the letter's outline based on its box or relief type) to create the body, background, and face of a letter from a single design. It also ensures marking of lines (using a grinder) without folding.

The entire range comes with a 1-year warranty (parts), and you also have access to telephone support and remote assistance (TeamViewer + webcam) provided you have an internet connection. Our machine technicians travel throughout Europe to provide quality support.