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Homogeneous luminous flux (120 leds/m)
180° angle
IP 67
Available in 7 colours
Can be cut every 2.5 cm
4-year warranty

Proven and validated by Domino Signet, the Max Neon offers the best guarantees in terms of quality of led, envelope and color rendering thanks to the anti-UV treatment.


Domino lamp Ball

Vintage and creative effect
360° angle (3 antennas with double-sided LEDs)
IP 65
Running light effect possible

In order to meet vintage fashion, Domino Sign offers you a technical product using LG technology. The Domino Lamp Ball allows you to be very creative in creating signs and lighting.


Dmax Mono

Reduced sizes
150° angle
Available in white 6500°k and ultra 10000°k
guarantee 3 years

The Domino Dmax Mono is a very precise new technology developed for the prodution of small carefull signs

Domino Dmax Néo

High power
Exceptional white quality
IP 68
160° angle
Warranty 3 years

Domino Dmax Neo is equipped with high-power LEDs suitable for lighting large letter boxes and light boxes and for lighting facade banners.

Domino LogoPop'

Chain of 40x in serial
Cuttable each unit
Voltage 12 VDC
High brightness over 160 °
Warranty 3 years

With the Domino Logopop leds, you create shapes of all sizes and faithfully reproduce lettering or logos of your sign without a printed circuit board.


New Machine : Resin Domino Sign Machine

This new machine allows to deposit a thin layer of coloured resin by offering a «Doming» effect.


About us...

Domino Sign is a range of LED-based lighting devices, designed in collaboration with sign makers fully dedicated to sign industry. This range of LEDS offers to sign makers the pleasure of creation, the comfort of simplicity and all the benefits of quality.

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