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Wifi Controller


Wifi connection between each zone (50m)
Smartphone Application
3 years warranty

Wifi Controller

Wifi Controller / Receiver / Remote-control

Free Smartphone Application for Androïd and iOS

The RGB Wifi controller allows you to control 12x zones independently or grouped

Free application available on Smartphone and Tablet Androïd & iOS

QR-Code in direct link to download the link for Androïd

QR-Code in direct link to download the link for Apple iOS

Wifi radio range up to 100 m!


For which applications?

Domino WiFi is a versatile lighting system. With the function of wireless, mobile devices can monitor different types of LEDs after installing the associated application. Domino WiFi offers five types of controls: dimming, temperature settings White, Colored led (dimming) RGB and RGB-Whitec.

It also controls up to 12x zones individually.

 - Wifi radio range from 50 to 100 m depending on installation and environment.

- The Wifi controller can be operated from your smartphone or tablet directly or through your Internet "Box" (pairing request).

- Radio remote control supplied with WiFi controller (ON / OFF + Dimming function on 12x zones)


Direct link to download the Wifi104 app on Apple iOS Appstore :



 Direct link to download the Wifi104 app on Google Play :