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Pogo Domino caps


Multiple colours and multiple shapes’ effects (4 shapes)
2 textures of caps

Pogo Cap

Pogo Cap

Pogo Cap

Pogo Cap

Diffusing and Translucent Caps

Caps 10x Colours



Customer realisation

Pogo Cap

Pogo Cap

For which applications?

The Domino Pogo caps are available in 4 shapes. Each shell has its own adapter ring. These parts are made of polycarbonate, which gives them very good resistance to impact, very good resistance to expansion due to heat or cold and excellent fire resistance (category: class 2). The hulls are anti-UV treated.



Pogo caps are available as standard in 10 colours (more on request) based on the Pantone colour chart references. These 10 colours are available in 2 ranges: 1. diffusing: This ensures an excellent luminous flux over the entire surface of the hull at night. 2. Translucent: This allows to see the light point of the led. It is therefore possible to use them in broad daylight or to create effects of colour differences at night or differences in light output (e. g. a translucent yellow shell with another diffusing yellow shell)


The shapes

Pogo caps are available in 4 shapes, round, square, hexagonal or triangular.