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Channel Bender machines are fully automatic and are used to produce the edges of your letters and logos easily from strips of aluminium, stainless steel and other materials of different thicknesses and heights. Developed specially for sign-makers, they quickly and easily bend and cut:

  • “Letter Box Profile” strips
  • flat strips (with and without flanges)
  • Easy Trims

They are delivered with the EasyCAD software, for processing and optimising your DXF fi les on your workstations.

The Channel Bender range is controlled by a PCtype computer system (running under Windows 7 in English) via easyb (in English). This software is used to calibrate the machine, import and modify DXF fi les and produce your projects. In particular, it calculates and programs the “offset” function (variation in length of the letter contour depending on whether it is of the box or relief type) in order to produce the edges, front and back of a letter from the same layout and also mark the outline using a disk cutter, without bending.

The entire range is guaranteed 1 year (parts only). A hotline is also available, as well as remote support (Teamviewer) provided you have an Internet connection.


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Super Channel Bender

 LetterForm Resin Machine

This new machine allows to deposit a thin layer of coloured resin by offering a «Doming» effect. This machine associated with the LetterForm Profile Prepainted White or Stainless Steel mirror allows a use without welding, nor painting with an important gain of productivity !


  • LetterForm Profile
  • No welds or paint
  • doming effect
  • increased productivity


Discover our LetterForm Resin Machine in our website www.channel-letter-bender.com