Leds together

Dedicated to Sign Makers…

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Leds Domino Rigid'Bar 3 and 6


Very shallow
Exceptional white quality 7000°K
Ultra wide angle 165/175°
4 year warranty

Rigid'Bar 6 plate of 10x

Wire for connecting Rigid'Bar 6

Ultra Wide angle lens (165 to 175°)

Incredible wide lightening with only 1x unit !

Rigid'Bar6 on Light box with Stretched textile and sublimation printed

Rigid'Bar 6 wires connection

Rigid'Bar 6 Parallel connections

Isermatic Aluminum profile + Sublimation printed Canvas


For which applications?

Domino Rigid'Bar 3 and 6 is dedicated to the lighting of single-sided boxes of VERY LOW depth (from 3cm) !

With a light beam worked by a new generation hemispherical lens with a very wide working angle of 165 to 175 ° allows it to illuminate evenly your single-sided boxes. Its use and rendering is similar to that of the old neon tubes. 

Description of LEDS

Domino Rigid'Bar has a high power led, maximum 1.25 Watts per SMD lens.

The presence of a 24 VDC driver makes it possible to combat the effects of overvoltages on the LEDs and is the best possible protection for all electronic components.