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Leds Domino Powerbox


High Power
Anti UV
IP 68
50° Angle
4 years guarantee


Powerfull LED


50° Angle

12-24 Volts

3M Adhesive


For which applications?

Domino Powerbox is endowed with led of strong power adapted to the lighting of signs with letters cases of big dimensions and bright boxes and in the lighting of headbands of facade.

With a lighting angle of 50°, it offers a consistent lighting when it is placed on the edges of the bright box, even for small thickness.

LEDS Description

Domino Powerbox has a high power LED, 2,7 Watts maximum. The presence of a driver helps fight against the effects of surges on the LEDs and is the best possible protection for all electronic components.

The Domino Powerbox have a polycarbonate lens with anti-UV and can be exposed to direct sunlight. The life of the LED component is optimal.