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Leds Domino Logo'pop


Chain of 40x in serial
Cuttable each unit
Voltage 12 VDC
High brightness over 160 °
Warranty 3 years




Logopop drilling diameter at 8.80 mm

Logopop mounting ...

Using Logopop dot to dot

Montage Logopop

8 colors

Logopop White 9000°K

Logopop Warm white 4000°K

Logopop Yellow

Logopop Orange

Logopop Red

Logopop Red

Logopop Red for Rent Ski in skiing station

Logopop Red for Rent Ski in skiing station

Logopop Red mounted

Logopop Pink

Logopop Blue

Logopop Blue

Logopop Green

Logopop Green

Logopop chain of 40x units

Picture credit by ATELIER CARRIEU 65

 For which applications?

With the Domino Logopop leds, you create shapes of all sizes and faithfully reproduce lettering or logos of your sign without a printed circuit board.

The small size of the LEDs makes it possible to realize a thin line of light which can be reinforced by doubling or triple the lines of LEDs. Grouped, LEDs produce extremely bright spots of color on your signs. By varying the layout and combining the colors, all effects are possible.

With an angle of view of 160 °, the visibility of the sign is at its maximum.


Description of LEDS

The Domino Logopop LEDs are presented as a chain of 40x modules in series (packet of 8x chain of 40x modules = 280x). Each LED is encapsulated in a silicone re-molded sleeve and embedded in the resin which ensures maximum sealing (IP 66).

Cuttable each unit and now at 12 VDC, this product requires a nominal drilling to 8.80 mm for sheets of 1.5 to 4 mm maximum.

The Domino Logopop leds are simply clipped into the perforations of a support. The lips used for clipping tolerate any expansion of the support.

Signs designed with Domino Logopop are particularly energy efficient.