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Leds Domino Flex


84 leds per metre
Illumination of small letters
140° angle
3 years warranty


Small dimensions letter

Small Letters

Back lighting

PVC Text

PVC Text - Aluminum face

For which applications?

With a 140° luminous flux, Domino Flex LEDs are used to light signs with hollow letters or for back lighting of very small letters. Domino Flex is so flexible it can follow the most complex shapes.

The Flex Horizontal version can light very small Perspex-sided letters, minimum thickness 15 mm.

The Flex Vertical version can back-light letters of 15 mm minimum.

LEDS Description

Domino Flex are LEDs spaced 12 mm apart. They can be divided into 6-LED units. The protective silicone sheath ensures perfect impermeability (IP 67) before the LEDs are separated.

Domino Flex Horizontal: the LEDs are positioned in the middle of a printed circuit and fixed by double-sided tape on the back of the silicone protection.

Domino Flex Vertical: the LEDs are positioned to provide lighting through the side of the sheath.