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Leds Domino Edge Box


Lightbox with Stretched canvas 8 to 20 cm
Light Beam 10 ° x45 °
Powerled 2W at 12 VDC
Cuttable to the unit

Edge Box with FRESNEL Lens

ultra scotch on back

Edge Box on Edge in Sign

Edge Box

Edge Box led in Light Box test


For which applications?

Domino Edge Box are equipped with high-power LEDs suitable for illumination by means of light boxes in single or double-sided stretched canvas (PVC or Woven print in sublimation) facade.

With a light beam worked by a FRESNEL lens with an angle of 10 ° x45 °, its position on the edges allows a homogeneous illumination even for low thicknesses of boxes.


Description of LEDS

Domino Edge box has a power LED of 2.0 watts per module, cuttable per unit and a length of cable allowing to vary the pitch from 65 to 182 mm.

The presence of a driver (12 VDC) makes it possible to combat the effects of overvoltages on the LEDs and is the best possible protection for all electronic components.

The Domino Edge Box can be combined with Edge Bar 3 and 6, similar product with a fixed centerline of 73 mm and 3 or 6 light points.