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Leds Domino Edge Bar 3 & 6


Double sided housing
Light brush beam 6°x90 °
Dimmable 0 to 100%
4 year warranty

Edge Bar 3 (available in 6 too)

Stainless Steel clips mount

FRESNEL Lens for 6°x90° beam

Rouge +24V, Noir negativ & Blanc for dimming (connect to negativ for 100%)

Edge Bar 6 perfect edge lighting


For which applications?

Domino Edge Bar 3 & 6 are equipped with high-power LEDs suitable for illumination by the light box canvases in single or double-sided canvas (PVC or Woven sublimation printed) and lighting Of headbands.

With a light beam worked by a FRESNEL lens with an angle of  6 ° x90 °, its position on the edges allows a homogeneous illumination even for low thicknesses of boxes.


Description of LEDS

Domino Edge Bar 3 & 6 has a high power led, with a maximum of 2.62 to 2.5 watts.

The presence of a dimmable driver (24 VDC) makes it possible to combat the effects of overvoltages on the LEDs and is the best possible protection for all electronic components.

The Domino Edge Bar 3 & 6 can be associated with the Edge Box, similar product but scored per unit.