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Leds Domino Dmax2 HP PLUS


150° Angle
0,9 Watt / Module
60 Lm / Module
Anti UV
IP 68
Clickable box
Guarantee 3 years




3 luminous sides

New Clipsable box

3M Adhesive


For which applications?

Domino Dmax2 HP PLUS LEDs are specially used for the illumination signs letters with three PMMA sides or aluminium edges with diffusing face.

Domino Dmax2 HP PLUS LEDs offers a luminous flux comparable to a neon or fluorescent tube with a low energy consumption.

Its new case is clip-on, it doubles the luminous flux simply and efficiently.

LEDS description

Domino Dmax2 HP PLUS are wired in modules of 100, each consisting of a protective case and containing two luminous sources.

The presence of a driver helps to fight against effects of surges on the LEDs and is the best possible protection for all electronic components.

Domino Dmax2 HP PLUS LED has a polycarbonate lens with anti-UV treatment and can be exposed directly to the sun. This treatment increases the life expectancy of LEDs.