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Leds Domino Back'Light


Fine and flat module
Application from 3 cm
Very good thermal dissipation
Water resistance IP65
Angle of 160°
5 Year Warranty


Back'Light by plate of 24x modules (2x chains de 12x)

Hemispheric lens Back'Light

Back'Light beam wide angle 160/170°

Nichia SMD chipset

Light Box Test wide angle with Back'Light


For which applications?

Domino Back'Light is dedicated to the lighting of single-sided boxes with a depth from 3 cm.

With a light beam worked by a new generation hemispherical lens with a very wide working angle of 160°, it allows to illuminate evenly your single-sided boxes. Its use and rendering is similar to that of the old neon tubes. The Back'Light has a very good water resistance (IP65) and an exellent thermal dissipation.


Description of LEDS

Domino Back'Light has a high power LED, maximum 1.6 Watts per SMD lens. Scored every 3x modules (where there are 2x wires) and and a cable length allowing to vary the pitch from 60 to 175 mm.

The presence of a common driver for 3x modules that can not be cut under 24 VDC makes it possible to combat the effects of overvoltages on the LEDs and is the best possible protection for all electronic components.

The Domino Back'Light can be combined with the modules presented in rigid bar called Rigid'Bar 6 with the rendering similar to that of a neon tube but in between-axis fixed module to 80 mm for 6x points of light.