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Dmax Mono

Reduced sizes
150° angle
Available in white 6500°k and ultra 10000°k
guarantee 3 years

The Domino Dmax Mono is a very precise new technology developed for the prodution of small carefull signs


Domino Logomax

Angle at 180°
8 different colours
Easy to use
Low Consumption

With the Domino Logomax, you can create shapes of all sizes and faithfully reproduce lettering or logos without any printed circuit.

Domino Multimax

Multiple colours and multiple shapes’ effects (4 shapes)
2 textures of caps
Considerable luminous flux
Garantee 3 years

Domino Multimax permit a wide range of colours and shapes of caps in the same luminous module. Their round, square, triangular and hexagonal shapes offer you infinite esthetic possibilities.


New Product : Dmax Mono

The Domino Dmax Mono is a very precise new technology for the small sign.


About us...

Domino Sign is a range of LED-based lighting devices, designed in collaboration with sign makers fully dedicated to sign industry. This range of LEDS offers to sign makers the pleasure of creation, the comfort of simplicity and all the benefits of quality.

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